Five Common Slate Roofing Mistakes

Slate isn’t the least expensive roofing option that is available to install, although over time it can save money due to its longevity. So if you have decided you want to build a new house with a slate roof, or are needing to repair or restore an older roof, the following are five common mistakes that you will want to avoid in order to get maximum value for your hard-earned money.

1. Hiring a roofing company that doesn’t have experience working with slate

Although slate has been around and used for roofing for hundreds of years now, not every roofer has the necessary experience or expertise for building or restoring a slate roof. There are a couple of do’s and don’ts that are specific to this stone. In order to get the beautiful, weather proof look that you want, you need to make sure that you select an experience, professional slate roofing team to do the work for you.

2. Failing to obtain detail specifications on the work that is to be done

Your work specification needs to include the beginning and ending date of your project, details on the resources and materials to be use, as well as the cost. Find out why each of the materials has been selected. For example, it is very important that the proper fixing nails to be used – usually stainless steel or copper are recommended. If not, then over time they might corrode and you will end up having expensive repairs.

In order to avoid mistakes occurring ask how the work is going to be done. Slate tiles should be walked on since that can cause them to break or crack. What systems is the tiler going to be using while renovating or building your roof?

3. Not considering what the finished look is going to be

Slate isn’t as uniform as concrete or clay tiles, so that is why it is very important that you understand that there could be slight colour variations when it is laid out. Ask the tile to lay some slate tiles out on the ground so that you can have an idea of what the finished look is going to be, so that you aren’t disappointed later on.

4. Failing to research your choice of tiles

There are different colours and profiles of slate tiles that are available, so make sure you obtain some expert advice from the roofers. Also do research on your own and consider a couple of different kinds before making your final decision. Make sure to retain a sample of the tile you select, and then check it against what is delivered before the installation starts.

5. Not asking about a warranty or work guarantee

What if the roof leaks two months after it is installed? BE sure to ask whether a warranty or guarantee is offered by the slate tiler on their work, for your peace of mind.

Slate roofing Sydney offers a warranty on all slate roof repairs and slate roof restoration

Brisbane Roof Restoration Services

Roof Restoration Brisbane BannerNow that I’ve already set the precedent in rambling on about other businesses in different parts of the country, you’ve got to hear about Roof Restoration Brisbane. These guys have a reputation that precedes them and if you’re after roofing work in Brisbane, read on to learn why these guys are the best.

Discovering a roofing repair service in Brisbane that will offer you with an exceptional service, you must think about all of your choices. Some businesses will offer you with outstanding services, however at a much greater cost. Others will offer cheap as chips prices and you can bet that their quality of work and materials will match.

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A roof restoration project has a major impact on the aesthetics of your home (in a good way!!) but if not done properly, the results can be devastating. That’s why our guys have a great reputation, we know how to listen and we know how to deliver what the customer is looking for.

Services Offered by Roof Restoration Brisbane

We offer numerous and all roofing associated services. We will work on any type of roof product that you might have consisting of metal roofing systems and tiled roofing systems.

A few of our services are;

  • Roofing system repairs
  • Roofing cleans
  • Roofing paint jobs
  • Roofing repair works
  • Re-roofs
  • Rain gutter installations & replacements

The roofing professionals will check your roofing system, talk about with you their findings and then present you with a service to fit your requirements and your spending plan. A totally free examination and quote service is provided and can you feel comfortable that you will understand the expense of the project prior to beginning the task.

Why Roof Restoration Brisbane?

Many people begin searching the web for a roof business which is most likely the fastest method to discover all businesses in your location that provide this kind of service. How do you truly understand which one to pick? You may get a number of businesses out to offer you a quote, which is great, however how do you understand that their work quality will be up there?

When we state that our roofers are leading notch, you can trust us. Their rates are reasonable for the high quality work provided, they are prompt and dependable, and above all they understand what it means to pay attention to you, the consumer, and produce work in accordance to your requirements.

Project Timeframes

It usually takes no greater than a couple of weeks to finish these kinds of jobs. For a lot of jobs, it can be finished under a week. There are numerous elements which can impact the period of the task consisting of roofing intricacy and pitch, height (e.g. 2 story roofing system), accessibility, weather condition and materials schedule.

When we come and check your roofing system, we can give you an idea of project duration.

Guarantee and Insurance Coverage

It is a stringent guideline of ours that every roofer we deal with is correctly insured (public liability insurance coverage is an outright necessity) and properly certified. We will not deal with anybody that does not satisfy these requirements.

Stop looking; we are the roofing professionals that you’ll be advising all your pals to use if you’re in Brisbane and needing roofing system looked at.

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