Guide To Different Types Of Spas

HSpas A Adelaide - Types of Spasot tubs or spas are typically considered as a luxury for high-profile individuals or a special activity when visiting holiday resorts. Well, contrary to this belief, the spa is a common item in modern society and is available to the general public. Choosing the correct type of spa can be complicated as there are various considerations to make to ensure it suits your needs. This article will act as a guide providing information on the different types of spas on offer. Hopefully, by using the information, you will be able to choose the most suitable option.

1. The Acrylic Spa

The most popular type of spa is the acrylic option. This item is an above ground spa and can seat approximately six to ten people depending on the size chosen. Despite being a permanent fixture, the acrylic spa does not require a fully built enclosure and is available as a pre-assembled item. It does require a larger area space in the property as the pre-assembled fixtures must be placed together and connected to the external permanent electric motor. Due to the popularity of this acrylic spa, the item has become quite affordable and can meet most budgets. If you have a large property space and are willing to utilise an electric motor (which means jet sprays), then this is the spa for you.

2. The Inflatable Spa

Despite the acrylic hot tub being an affordable option, there is one alternative that is even more cost-effective. If you are eager to purchase a spa without overspending, it is recommended that you consider the inflatable spa. This type of spa is typically created using either vinyl, nylon, and in some cases plastic. As an above ground spa the inflatable spa will require a surface area to place the item; however, its inflatable feature means it is a temporary alternative and can be removed if necessary. This type of hot tub can seat between two and four people and does not weigh a great amount making it mobile – a great advantage. Unfortunately, unlike the acrylic alternative, this item does not come with jet sprays.

3. The Wooden Spa

Wooden spas are popular alternatives among individuals who are willing to spend greater amounts on the luxury. A higher quality purchase, wooden spas are typically made using oak or redwood but if you are looking for cheaper wood option cedar is available. Due to the wooden exterior, the spa needs to be placed on an enclosure or platform to be installed making it a permanent above ground hot tub. The wooden hot tub may be more costly; however, it is more aesthetically appealing and can offer aromatherapy benefits in addition to the regular functions. This item can seat between two and eight people dependent on the size.

4. The In-Ground Spa

The final type of spa discussed is the in-ground spa. In-ground spas tend to be found in hotel resorts or large, high-profile estates and can seat as many as fifteen people. This type of spa is the most costly alternative due to the complicated installation process. While it is a tempting alternative, this type of spa can be tedious to obtain and will require special permits from local authorities including several inspections after installation. The tub operates using gas or electricity, and annual maintenance can be costly. However they are gaining in popularity and can be found in a lot of households these days.

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