SpasaAdelaide FAQPlease read on to learn some basic information about spas, hot tubs and jacuzzis. Here is some very high level information which may help to answer some basic questions you might have.

What is a spa?

In Australia, a spa is commonly known as anything that contains water and is jetted to force high volumes of air out creating a bubbling frenzy in the water. In other countries, a spa can refer to a mineral spring, a resort, or a place to go to relax.

Within the broad term spa, there are several sub categories including swim spas, hydrotherapy spas, and spa pools.

Are spas heated?

Typically, spas contain heated water. In addition to the pleasure of being in a heated spa, it also makes it usable during the cooler months.

A sophisticated spa will come with an intelligent heating system that will be efficient in energy use by redirecting heat from spa pumps and pipes/plumbing, and the spa itself will be well insulated.

What features should I look for in a spa?

Nowadays there are many features available for spas (or hot tubs or jacuzzis). It depends on your budget as to how many features you can afford.

To work out the best product for you, sit down and think about what you want to get out of the spa or what do you want the spa for?

If you just want to sit in warm water that has bubbles then the basic model will meet your needs. If you’re looking to relax and sooth some sore muscles and get some therapeutic benefit from your spa, then look for more advanced features such as multi-directional hydro-flow jets, lounger seats that have been ergonomically designed with therapy collars (suits sore necks).

Other features (or bells and whistles) include water lighting, jet lights, drink holders with lights, music options which include streaming music a device of your choice, even a LCD TV could come as an option.

Importantly though, for a spa to be enjoyable, it should give you pleasure with minimal maintenance. Look for features which are not so fancy but actually reduce the maintenance of the spa. Features such as easy to use control units, simple but efficient water treatment systems, and an efficient water filter for clear, clean water.

Are spas expensive to operate?

Running costs of spas can vary and are largely dependent on how often you use the spa and how long the desired temperature is maintained for. In addition, the duration that the pump and filtering systems are set to run for will affect operating costs.

For most people, the benefits and enjoyment of owning a spa outweighs the relatively small operating costs.