How To Remove Mould From Your Roof

Roof Restoration - Mouldy Roof

There are many things you have to watch out for when it comes to maintaining your roof. For sure, a roof protects your home and for the most part is durable, low maintenance and a stalwart for years. Yet you have to make sure you keep your roof in tip top shape, and that includes ensuring that there isn’t mould buildup. If you do run into that type of situation, how do you remove mould from your roof?

Let me first start by saying that you also need to know how to prevent these types of mould and algae stains, especially if you know your roof is prone to these situations. It may be that you have to work on removal this time around of course, but work on preventing the mould in the future now that you know it can be a problem. It is usually found in the more humid environments.

You may think all you are seeing is mould, but there are a few other things that can accumulate and look like mould as well. One of them was mentioned already, algae. The algae is actually more common than you might think. No matter what you are looking at, even if it is dirt stains, you want to get them off your roof. However, it should be mentioned that you don’t have to worry about what algae is going to do to your roof in comparison to what mould would do.

If you are going to be cleaning your roof, you are going to want to know what supplies you would need. Think about safety because it’s not everyday that homeowners get up on their roofs. If you think you can clean it all off without getting up there, well you are mistaken. Did you know that sheet metal with a zinc or copper coating can help prevent the algae from growing?

In regards to actual mould, you will want to know that the actual recommended solution for dealing with it is bleach. If for some reason the bleach doesn’t work, you can also resort to alternative solutions. Considering how important it is to get rid of mould that appears to be a problem, you might also want to look into outsourcing the work.

You could also look into the alternatives to bleach from the very beginning because you know that bleach can have a very dramatic effect. Plus, think about your environment. If you aren’t sure of what to do, call the professionals, and then you can ask them about more tips for helping to prevent mould in the future.

The professionals have the equipment to remove mould from your roof and can save you the heartache and pain of trying to do it yourself. Most respectable roofing companies have high pressure cleaners to clean the roof thoroughly without using chemicals. This is ideal as it is a safer solution and is better for the environment.

Usually roofing companies will carry out a thorough clean of your roof as part of a roof restoration process if you are interested in getting your roof restored. An example of a very thorough roof restoration company is Roof Restoration Narre Warren located in Melbourne, Victoria.

If you are in the Narre Warren area or surrounding suburbs, look up these guys instead of trying to do the job yourself, you will save a bunch of time and heartache, and quite possibly your life.