Keeping Your Newly Installed Epoxy Floor Clean

How to maintain your epoxy floorsNow that your fabulous epoxy floor has been installed, it is time to start reaping all those terrific benefits.

Low maintenance cleaning and high-durability are high on that list of benefits. As you will see from the proper cleaning instructions below, cleaning a very large epoxy floor will only be a small job. Epoxy floors are resilient to just about every type of dirt or dust so keeping things clean is a very superficial task.

Regular Cleanings

To keep your epoxy floor scratch free and beautiful for as long as possible it will be important to keep all spills and gritty debris as soon as possible. This is especially true for your garage floor as the tires from your car will typically bring in all kinds of things. Even though the top coat of sealant is especially durable, if any chemicals spill, you will want to clean them up as fast as possible.

As the floor becomes dirty it will be necessary to break out the old mop and broom and begin cleaning up. Your conventional mop and broom set may do just fine, but using a modern dust mop will actually be easier and more effective at gathering all debris and particles from across the floor.

It is also 100% water resistant, which means you could go ahead and hose down the entire area using a squeegee or push broom to remove as much water as you can. Be careful, epoxy floors can be slippery when wet. Be very careful about the cleaning agents you use. Stronger acids and alkaline cleansers can deteriorate the surface, a mild soap or detergent is usually all that you need.

Depending on how often it is needed you may have to take out a mild detergent and some cleaning supplies and scrub down the entire floor to remove any grease and other sticky contaminants that may have become lodged onto the floor. Use a plastic putty-spatula to lift chewing gum and other immovable grime and gunk.

Long-Term Maintenance

Your epoxy floor will eventually lose it original luster and shine as the top coat of sealer is gradually scuffed up by foot traffic and natural attrition. When this happens it will be important to have your floor re-coated with a sealant to prevent further attrition and to restore it beautiful looks once more. It is important that the new coat of paint is applied before the old sealant coat is worn all the way through to the epoxy below.