Common AC Problems and How To Solve Them

Air conditioners keep us cool and comfortable. They also help keep impurities from getting indoors. Filters on AC units keep allergens and dust particles from getting inside and are a good way to keep everyone breathing easier. When your air conditioner is running perfectly, it keeps everyone happy, especially during hot summer days and nights.

common_problems_with_air_conSometimes problems occur. Most of the time, these do not mean that the unit needs to be replaced. In fact, many times a simple fix is all the unit needs to be restored to normal operation. There are some common problems such as not producing cold air, not filtering out dirt and dust and leaks that should be taken care of as soon as you notice them.

If you do not have your AC serviced immediately, it could cause the unit to break down. It could also keep it from running as efficiently as possible. That means that it will cost you more money every month to operate it.

If you notice that the unit is not cooling a room the way it should check the thermostat. Often, this is the main cause of this issue. The unit may need to be set at a cooler temperature. If it is not the thermostat, have your local ac expert come to inspect the unit to see what is causing it to stop delivering cold air through the house. If you have a ducted system, sometimes they need to be cleaned to allow fresh, cold air to pump through the home to solve the problem.

If anyone in the house is experiencing more coughs, sneezes or problems with asthma attacks, replace your air conditioner’s filter. This is an inexpensive and easy thing to do, and you usually will not need to call an expert in to help. Follow your owner’s manual instructions for replacing the filter and the air should be noticeably cooler and cleaner.

If there are leaks this is something you should call an AC expert in to look at. Describe it as best as you can to them when placing the service call. Sometimes this is just condensation and other times this is a leak that is caused by a crack or hole in the hose.

Have your AC expert come to service and clean your unit at least once a year. Doing this will keep the above common problems from happening to your air conditioner.

Kinds of Air Conditioning Units

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Here we look at a range of the most popular AC units. With the various sorts of air conditioners on the market today, picking out the right system for your household can be a little daunting. Choosing the right-sized ac unit however means a far more comfortable home and can also make a big difference when it comes to the price of the unit and the electricity to run it. Understanding the different kinds of air conditioning units and the way they work is however the first step in buying the right one. Some of the most common kinds of ac units are outlined below.

external air conditioner

Central A/C – The program has a network of ductwork methods to deliver cool or heated air through the entire house.  This duckwork can also mean that you can control where the cool air is delivered and has a great range of control. Central air conditioners have many main aspects such as an evaporator being positioned beyond the house to help push warm or cool air into the house. The device also includes a thermostat to help and control the temperature. Central air cooling systems really are a wise investment if you wish to cool a huge house or room.

Ductless A/C – Ductless ac units are significantly much larger and much more powerful than portable ac units but are far smaller and typically less expensive than the Central AC option. These systems are specially designed for homes without existing ductwork. This product may be found being a single unit or perhaps in two parts. The outside module is installed outside while a wall-mounted handler is installed inside to blow air through the entire room. Window installation isn’t necessarily required for these kinds of systems.

Portable A/C – These are perfect for small areas or if you are on the move. These are mainly meant for houses or rooms without air cooling. It can be however worth noting that, portable air conditioning units are notably much louder than fixed ones and can actually be a lot less efficient.

Choose the best ac unit based on the need, preferences, and working budget. Experts however recommend purchasing the ideal sized ac for your home to achieve the right energy consumption.  Through an expert enable you to pick the best AC is suggested for the very best results. Air Conditioning Geelong is your friendly expert that can help you to make the right choice.