The SGS Breeze 540 – Product Review

SGS Breeze 540The SGS Breeze 540 is a salt water chlorinator produced by Saline Generating Systems (SGS) who are based in America. Although not suitable for spas and hot tubs, we thought a review of this product would be suitable on this site for visitors who also own large swimming pools.

The SGS Breeze 540 is capable of handling around 40,000 gallons water which suits most inground pools that are around today. The unit produces clean, clear, soft and sparkling pool water that makes swimming an absolute pleasure and it is also pleasing to look at.


In terms of this unit’s performance, the SGS Breeze 540 will deliver reliable and consistent results. The unit makes certain that your swimming pool is consistently provided with the correct levels of chlorine to stop the water being susceptible to bacteria, algae and other forms of contamination.

The system needs little maintenance and features an inbuilt self-cleaning function that switches the poles every 6 hours of run time. This greatly reduces build-up of calcium in the cell plates. Occasionally you can expect to have to clean the system yourself and the cell’s plates are appropriately spaced out for convenient cleaning by use of a appropriately designed cleaning tool that comes with the unit.

Continuing with the is to use design theme, the chlorine generator’s cell is positioned specifically within a see through housing allowing for quick inspection of the cell condition. Cell cleaning is very simple and easy and you do not need to use acid based solutions to clean calcium build-up. Thus the cell is expected to last longer than the average cell and you will have crystal clear water all year round.


The SGS Breeze 540’s easy to use controls helps to make this unit an ideal system to manage chlorine levels of your swimming pool water. The control panel interface is made up of a 1 touch control panel which is designed to use even beneath the most harsh environment. The control panel is quick and simple to work with. You can find easy to view LED lights which display the present operating status of the unit.

Backed by a five year warranty (if put in from a qualified technician) clearly shows that this unit is capable of providing clear, chlorinated water for quite some time without fault. This SGS Breeze 540 salt water chlorine generator delivers a quick and simple solution to keep hard wearing pool water sparkling and clean. The device is created for the homeowner and this SGS chlorinator delivers optimal performance combined with ease of use and easy installation.

Feature List

  • User friendly
  • Energy-efficient
  • Industrial grade build for much longer lifespan
  • Automatic cleaning system by using a reverse polarity function and well positioned cell plates
  • Features the ability to tolerate different salt types and levels prolonging cell lifespan
  • See through cell enclosure that allows easy inspection of cell status
  • Created 40,000 gallon pools