The History Of Slate Roofs

Slate roof restorationSlate as a roofing material has an undeniable beauty and attractive feel that no other roofing materials on the market today can yield. With an unmatched combination of beauty and stellar performance, many homeowners still prefer slate roofing tiles to the modern options that have flooded the roofing market. For instance, it is malleable, making it easy to shape. However, it is tough enough to withstand the elements for a long time.

So iconic is the look of slate roofs that many people go for roofing tiles that mimic the appearance of slate. It is little wonder that even groundbreaking roofing technologies such as SolarCity’s solar roofs have a slate option. As such, even with far cheaper options on the market, slate roofs are not going away anytime soon.

But where did it all begin and where did the development of slate as premium roofing material take place. What developments in the use of slate as roofing materials have taken place over time? Herein we will explore some history of slate roofs, thereby giving you a better understanding of slate roofs as a whole.

The Emergence Of Slate Roofs

As a roofing material, slate has survived multiple generations. In fact, slate has been used by for more than 700 years, making it one of the most used roofing material still on the market. The use of slate as a roofing material was first recorded in the late 1200 and early 1300 A.D. in North Wales, England. During this period, the material was quite expensive for the mass market as is always the case with new materials. As such, it was used as a roofing material for the rich. For instance, it was used as a roofing material on the Conway Castle between 1287-87 A.D.

The Spread Of Slate Roofs

From its beginnings, slate as roofing material spread. However, the first slate roofs would appear in America in the 1600s. As for a slate mine, the first one in America would open up way later, in 1785, increasing the availability of the material to the general public. The spread in use slate a roofing material did not happen up until the 1800s when the Spanish developed better and more efficient methods of mining slate for roofing purposes. This lowered the cost of slate and made slate a staple roofing material.

In the later stages of the 19th century, Welsh immigrants arrived in Fair Haven, Vermont who initiated mass production of the material. The growth of the industry and use of the material did not happen until the railway lines reach the mines.

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