Savings tips to buy your first home

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savings tips to buy your first homeTips For Saving To Buy Your First House

Buying a house is something that a lot of people dream about, but this has become increasingly difficult for first-time buyers. Saving up to buy a house can be a daunting task, but there are a number of tips that you can use to help. It is important that you consider these tips as they could make saving to buy your first home much easier.

Start Saving As Soon As Possible

When it comes to saving up to buy a house, it is never too soon to start. The longer you save, the larger the initial deposit you will have and this is very important. Larger deposits will bring better rates and will lower the amount that you have to repay. It is also important to note that you are not only saving up for the deposit.

There are a number of other costs that come with buying a house that you need to have money to cover. Some of the costs that you need to cover will be the legal fees and moving costs. Depending on where you are buying a property, you could also be faced with stamp duty or a transfer tax. You need to save up to cover these costs along with the deposit.

Know How Much You Need To Save

One of the keys to saving up for your first home is knowing how much you actually need to save. There are some mortgage lenders who require that you pay only 5% of the total price of the property as a deposit. However, if you were to save 10 to 20% of the total price, you will gain access to better mortgage deals and you could get a higher loan amount.

When you know how much you need to save as a percentage of the total price, you will be able to calculate how much you need to put away each month. To do this, you will first need to find out what the average home prices are in the area that you want to buy. It is important that you remember these prices are likely to increase during the time that you are saving so you need to be flexible. You should then calculate what 20% of the total price will be and then determine how much you can realistically put away to reach this amount in a fair amount of time.

Where You Save

Where you have your savings is very important because it will impact how quickly you could save the amount you need. If you are looking at a short-term savings plan, you should consider a regular savings account. These accounts will generally require you to put in a certain amount of money each month to maintain the interest rates and you will generally not be able to withdraw without notice.

If you are looking at a long-term saving plan, you should consider fixed rate bonds. You will need to invest a set amount and determine the term. You will not be able to touch the money for this term, but you will be able to compound the interest to earn more.

Five Common Slate Roofing Mistakes

Slate isn’t the least expensive roofing option that is available to install, although over time it can save money due to its longevity. So if you have decided you want to build a new house with a slate roof, or are needing to repair or restore an older roof, the following are five common mistakes that you will want to avoid in order to get maximum value for your hard-earned money.

1. Hiring a roofing company that doesn’t have experience working with slate

Although slate has been around and used for roofing for hundreds of years now, not every roofer has the necessary experience or expertise for building or restoring a slate roof. There are a couple of do’s and don’ts that are specific to this stone. In order to get the beautiful, weather proof look that you want, you need to make sure that you select an experience, professional slate roofing team to do the work for you.

2. Failing to obtain detail specifications on the work that is to be done

Your work specification needs to include the beginning and ending date of your project, details on the resources and materials to be use, as well as the cost. Find out why each of the materials has been selected. For example, it is very important that the proper fixing nails to be used – usually stainless steel or copper are recommended. If not, then over time they might corrode and you will end up having expensive repairs.

In order to avoid mistakes occurring ask how the work is going to be done. Slate tiles should be walked on since that can cause them to break or crack. What systems is the tiler going to be using while renovating or building your roof?

3. Not considering what the finished look is going to be

Slate isn’t as uniform as concrete or clay tiles, so that is why it is very important that you understand that there could be slight colour variations when it is laid out. Ask the tile to lay some slate tiles out on the ground so that you can have an idea of what the finished look is going to be, so that you aren’t disappointed later on.

4. Failing to research your choice of tiles

There are different colours and profiles of slate tiles that are available, so make sure you obtain some expert advice from the roofers. Also do research on your own and consider a couple of different kinds before making your final decision. Make sure to retain a sample of the tile you select, and then check it against what is delivered before the installation starts.

5. Not asking about a warranty or work guarantee

What if the roof leaks two months after it is installed? BE sure to ask whether a warranty or guarantee is offered by the slate tiler on their work, for your peace of mind.

Slate roofing Sydney offers a warranty on all slate roof repairs and slate roof restoration

Brisbane Roof Restoration Services

Roof Restoration Brisbane BannerNow that I’ve already set the precedent in rambling on about other businesses in different parts of the country, you’ve got to hear about Roof Restoration Brisbane. These guys have a reputation that precedes them and if you’re after roofing work in Brisbane, read on to learn why these guys are the best.

Discovering a roofing repair service in Brisbane that will offer you with an exceptional service, you must think about all of your choices. Some businesses will offer you with outstanding services, however at a much greater cost. Others will offer cheap as chips prices and you can bet that their quality of work and materials will match.

We’d like to present to you, Roof Restoration Brisbane – a company committed to providing the highest quality workmanship, for the right price, and completing projects on time.

A roof restoration project has a major impact on the aesthetics of your home (in a good way!!) but if not done properly, the results can be devastating. That’s why our guys have a great reputation, we know how to listen and we know how to deliver what the customer is looking for.

Services Offered by Roof Restoration Brisbane

We offer numerous and all roofing associated services. We will work on any type of roof product that you might have consisting of metal roofing systems and tiled roofing systems.

A few of our services are;

  • Roofing system repairs
  • Roofing cleans
  • Roofing paint jobs
  • Roofing repair works
  • Re-roofs
  • Rain gutter installations & replacements

The roofing professionals will check your roofing system, talk about with you their findings and then present you with a service to fit your requirements and your spending plan. A totally free examination and quote service is provided and can you feel comfortable that you will understand the expense of the project prior to beginning the task.

Why Roof Restoration Brisbane?

Many people begin searching the web for a roof business which is most likely the fastest method to discover all businesses in your location that provide this kind of service. How do you truly understand which one to pick? You may get a number of businesses out to offer you a quote, which is great, however how do you understand that their work quality will be up there?

When we state that our roofers are leading notch, you can trust us. Their rates are reasonable for the high quality work provided, they are prompt and dependable, and above all they understand what it means to pay attention to you, the consumer, and produce work in accordance to your requirements.

Project Timeframes

It usually takes no greater than a couple of weeks to finish these kinds of jobs. For a lot of jobs, it can be finished under a week. There are numerous elements which can impact the period of the task consisting of roofing intricacy and pitch, height (e.g. 2 story roofing system), accessibility, weather condition and materials schedule.

When we come and check your roofing system, we can give you an idea of project duration.

Guarantee and Insurance Coverage

It is a stringent guideline of ours that every roofer we deal with is correctly insured (public liability insurance coverage is an outright necessity) and properly certified. We will not deal with anybody that does not satisfy these requirements.

Stop looking; we are the roofing professionals that you’ll be advising all your pals to use if you’re in Brisbane and needing roofing system looked at.

(Thanks to the guys at Roof Restoration Brisbane for supplying the material for this article!)

The SGS Breeze 540 – Product Review

SGS Breeze 540The SGS Breeze 540 is a salt water chlorinator produced by Saline Generating Systems (SGS) who are based in America. Although not suitable for spas and hot tubs, we thought a review of this product would be suitable on this site for visitors who also own large swimming pools.

The SGS Breeze 540 is capable of handling around 40,000 gallons water which suits most inground pools that are around today. The unit produces clean, clear, soft and sparkling pool water that makes swimming an absolute pleasure and it is also pleasing to look at.


In terms of this unit’s performance, the SGS Breeze 540 will deliver reliable and consistent results. The unit makes certain that your swimming pool is consistently provided with the correct levels of chlorine to stop the water being susceptible to bacteria, algae and other forms of contamination.

The system needs little maintenance and features an inbuilt self-cleaning function that switches the poles every 6 hours of run time. This greatly reduces build-up of calcium in the cell plates. Occasionally you can expect to have to clean the system yourself and the cell’s plates are appropriately spaced out for convenient cleaning by use of a appropriately designed cleaning tool that comes with the unit.

Continuing with the is to use design theme, the chlorine generator’s cell is positioned specifically within a see through housing allowing for quick inspection of the cell condition. Cell cleaning is very simple and easy and you do not need to use acid based solutions to clean calcium build-up. Thus the cell is expected to last longer than the average cell and you will have crystal clear water all year round.


The SGS Breeze 540’s easy to use controls helps to make this unit an ideal system to manage chlorine levels of your swimming pool water. The control panel interface is made up of a 1 touch control panel which is designed to use even beneath the most harsh environment. The control panel is quick and simple to work with. You can find easy to view LED lights which display the present operating status of the unit.

Backed by a five year warranty (if put in from a qualified technician) clearly shows that this unit is capable of providing clear, chlorinated water for quite some time without fault. This SGS Breeze 540 salt water chlorine generator delivers a quick and simple solution to keep hard wearing pool water sparkling and clean. The device is created for the homeowner and this SGS chlorinator delivers optimal performance combined with ease of use and easy installation.

Feature List

  • User friendly
  • Energy-efficient
  • Industrial grade build for much longer lifespan
  • Automatic cleaning system by using a reverse polarity function and well positioned cell plates
  • Features the ability to tolerate different salt types and levels prolonging cell lifespan
  • See through cell enclosure that allows easy inspection of cell status
  • Created 40,000 gallon pools

Locksmith North Brisbane

Spas A Adelaide - Locksmith North Brisbane BannerEntirely not Spas or Hot Tubs or Swimming Pools or any type of leisure activity related, but shouts are due where shout outs are due.

My friend recently took a trip to Brisbane, I won’t mention his name so I don’t embarrass him but he’ll know who he is when he reads this post, and he side in the beautiful seaside suburb of Sandgate.

Being a bit of a traveller, my mate decided to drive the fair distance, and he also organised accomodation in a holiday home in Sandgate for himself and his lovely family. This trip was designated to be a bit of a break for the family and a chance to spend some quality time together, especially the road trip would ensure that.

Anyway, I’m getting to the point, so they arrive at their holiday home which he tells me was stunning and more than comfortable. Himself, wife and kids quickly settle in a begin to relax. A few outings here and there were had but mostly it was just relax time for these guys.

All was fine and dandy, up until one said outing. A wonderful day had been spent visiting Brisbane city (well, not so wonderful for my mate as we all know how much as guys love shopping) wondering around browsing and shopping.

Upon arrival back home at the holiday house in Sandgate, after a big day out and everyone feeling tired, husband and wife stood at the front door looking at each other expectantly. One was waiting for the other to produce the house keys and unlock the front door. A little communication soon revealed both were without keys.

A quick patrol of the entire house and it’s entry ways by one of the kids quickly revealed the solemn news that they were indeed locked out of the holiday home.

Now, neither my mate nor my mate’s wife were experienced in emergency gain entry, so their only option was to seek help. First course of action was to get in contact with the agent they booked the accomodation through – being after hours there was a slim chance of success – and no answer was the response.

A quick search on the internet for locksmith north brisbane presented my friend with a range of options, the first one being the choice of business to call. A quick call to the locksmith resulted in a gentleman by the name if Stephen turning up within 20 minutes and within 3 minutes the front door was unlocked.

Wow, what a service! This guy had a solution to my friend’s problem and solved it without fuss and for a reasonable price. My friend tells me the service and friendliness and understanding that Stephen showed was impeccable. Well done Stephen!

Needless to say, the keys were sitting on the kitchen counter.

Shout out to locksmith north brisbane for providing good old fashioned service and “delivering the goods” when needed.

Salt Water Chlorinators

Spas A Adelaide - Salt Water ChlorinatorMy previous post was on spa maintenance, so I thought it fitting that we take that one step further and discuss salt water chlorinators.

A salt water chlorinator (also known as a chlorine generator) produces chlorine from salty water. This is done through a chemical process known as electrolysis. Salt water chlorinators have what is known as a chlorinator cell which is a unit consisting of parallel titanium plates coated with ruthenium. The unit will produce hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite from dissolved salt in the water. These two chemicals are the cleaning agents used in most swimming pools and spas.

The salt that is dissolved in the water is very similar to ordinary table salt. Chlorine generators require that a certain level of salt in the water be maintained (please refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for salt levels required). Most chlorine generators these days have an indicator to let you know if low salt levels are present. If the salt levels are low, simply add more salt which can be easily purchased from your local pool or hardware shop.

A salt water system is a self-sustaining system which is one big advantage. The salt in the water is not actually consumed by the electrolysis process, it is split and then reformed. So under normal conditions, you should not have to add more salt to the water; only if you add large quantities of water or you replace the water in your spa should you need to add more salt.

There are many different types of salt water chlorinators on the market and for spas and hot tubs most people elect for the portable type as it can simply be draped over the side of the spa. The portable chlorinator can then be disconnected and removed when you’re using the spa.

In addition, installation of portable chlorinators is very easy. Simply find somewhere close by to mount the control unit, and then drape the cell over the side of the spa, making sure it is fully submerged.

Other types of units include units that are permanently fitted; installation involves fitting the cell unit to the existing pump pipework. The advantage of these types of units is that even though installation is a little bit harder, they are typically installed somewhere out of site and don’t need to be removed when using the spa.

The upfront cost of a chlorinator can be high, however, you save money in the long term by not having to continually buy and add chlorine to the water. You will no longer have the chlorine smell, the water will be crystal clear and clean all the time. Most importantly, no more red eyes!

Beginners Guide to Simple Spa Maintenance

Spas A Adelaide Spa MaintenanceRelaxing in a spa (also known as a hot tub) can be a highly enjoyable activity; however, there are additional factors that one needs to be aware of when making that purchase. Before buying a spa, it is important to remember that regular maintenance needs to be completed to ensure effective long-term functioning. Spas need daily, weekly and annual maintenance to remain safe and clean; furthermore, certain hot tubs may need more maintenance than others. This article will provide some information on how to manage these items and enjoy the spa for a long time to come.

1. Daily Tasks

Daily tasks must be carried out to ensure the water remains safe for you and guests. Each day the pH and chlorine levels in the water need to be tested using specific testing kits. This only takes a minute or two making it a simple activity to complete; however, the significance cannot be stressed enough. If the levels are not aligned, the water may be unsafe for use and cause negative reactions to individuals using the spa. To align levels, should they be out, simply add more pH or chlorine to the water; both are available as part of a starter kit.

Another daily task to complete is the cleaning of the waterline. This involves wiping the waterline clear of any dirt. The obvious reason for clearing the dirt is to prevent a ring from developing; however, neglecting this duty can also lead to bacteria growth which can begin to damage the spa wall. It is recommended that you clean the areas being used as well to avoid any additional dirt or debris entering the water.

2. Weekly Tasks

Each week there are specific tasks that need to be completed as part of spa maintenance. Depending on your property location and the type of water used in the spa, you may need to alter the type of maintenance carried out. The task at hand is to clear water of contaminants and if one uses soft water only a small amount of clearing chemical will need to be used, such as a non-chlorine spa shock. This water clearing solution is used to remove organic contaminants. If, however, hard water is used stain and scale treatments may be needed to eliminate staining and scaling development; as well as removing cloudy water.

It is also recommended that one refills the spa with water each week. Typically, water evaporates or is spilt out during the week, and refilling will replace the lost liquid.

3. Monthly And Annual Tasks

At least twice a month, it is necessary for the filter of the spa to be removed and cleaned. A filter can collect large amounts of debris and if not cleared will cause the spa to stop functioning effectively. The cover of the pump should also be viewed monthly to check if all parts are operating correctly. Each three months, the spa should be drained and refilled after a cleaning of the walls. By ignoring this task you are opening the spa to chances of bacteria growth, staining, and scaling on the walls.

Check out this entertaining video on YouTube that is straight to the point on spa maintenance tips;

Guide To Different Types Of Spas

HSpas A Adelaide - Types of Spasot tubs or spas are typically considered as a luxury for high-profile individuals or a special activity when visiting holiday resorts. Well, contrary to this belief, the spa is a common item in modern society and is available to the general public. Choosing the correct type of spa can be complicated as there are various considerations to make to ensure it suits your needs. This article will act as a guide providing information on the different types of spas on offer. Hopefully, by using the information, you will be able to choose the most suitable option.

1. The Acrylic Spa

The most popular type of spa is the acrylic option. This item is an above ground spa and can seat approximately six to ten people depending on the size chosen. Despite being a permanent fixture, the acrylic spa does not require a fully built enclosure and is available as a pre-assembled item. It does require a larger area space in the property as the pre-assembled fixtures must be placed together and connected to the external permanent electric motor. Due to the popularity of this acrylic spa, the item has become quite affordable and can meet most budgets. If you have a large property space and are willing to utilise an electric motor (which means jet sprays), then this is the spa for you.

2. The Inflatable Spa

Despite the acrylic hot tub being an affordable option, there is one alternative that is even more cost-effective. If you are eager to purchase a spa without overspending, it is recommended that you consider the inflatable spa. This type of spa is typically created using either vinyl, nylon, and in some cases plastic. As an above ground spa the inflatable spa will require a surface area to place the item; however, its inflatable feature means it is a temporary alternative and can be removed if necessary. This type of hot tub can seat between two and four people and does not weigh a great amount making it mobile – a great advantage. Unfortunately, unlike the acrylic alternative, this item does not come with jet sprays.

3. The Wooden Spa

Wooden spas are popular alternatives among individuals who are willing to spend greater amounts on the luxury. A higher quality purchase, wooden spas are typically made using oak or redwood but if you are looking for cheaper wood option cedar is available. Due to the wooden exterior, the spa needs to be placed on an enclosure or platform to be installed making it a permanent above ground hot tub. The wooden hot tub may be more costly; however, it is more aesthetically appealing and can offer aromatherapy benefits in addition to the regular functions. This item can seat between two and eight people dependent on the size.

4. The In-Ground Spa

The final type of spa discussed is the in-ground spa. In-ground spas tend to be found in hotel resorts or large, high-profile estates and can seat as many as fifteen people. This type of spa is the most costly alternative due to the complicated installation process. While it is a tempting alternative, this type of spa can be tedious to obtain and will require special permits from local authorities including several inspections after installation. The tub operates using gas or electricity, and annual maintenance can be costly. However they are gaining in popularity and can be found in a lot of households these days.

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The Health Benefits Of Spas

Spas A Adelaide - Health Benefits

Image Cedit Thomas Pompernigg @ Flickr

Installing a spa (also known as a hot tub or jacuzzi) in your backyard maybe a great way to enter the lifestyles of the rich and famous (without spending too much money); however, did you know that this brief retreat from reality can have numerous health benefits? It is common knowledge that soaking in a spa can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, but studies have shown that time in the spa can help individuals with specific health conditions. This article will provide information on the associated health benefits of hot tubs and discuss why you should spend more time in your spa.

1. Arthritis

Individuals suffering from arthritis or arthritic pains will find the soothing heat provided by spas highly beneficial. As the heat of the water helps to raise body temperature and increase the size of blood vessels, the warm water will act as a natural pain relief method. The opening of blood vessels will also contribute to increased blood flow; thus, improving movement in areas affected by arthritis with a particular focus on arthritic joints. Research by The Arthritis Foundation indicated that soaking in a hot tub for ten minutes each morning can loosen joints, increase movement, and reduce stress on the joints resulting in pain relief.

2. Diabetes

Believe it or not, soaking in a spa can be highly advantageous for individuals with diabetes. A study published by the American Diabetes Association found that soaking in hot water for one half hour each day for three weeks can have a positive effect on diabetic patients. The heat from the water assisted in reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels; therefore providing positive effects on the patient’s blood sugar readings. In addition, improved sleep patterns and increased overall well-being was noted in the study participants.

3. Heart Disease

Due to its ability to lower blood pressure, soaking in a spa can be beneficial for individuals with or susceptible to heart disease. While the common argument to lower blood pressure is exercise and a well-balanced diet, there are those suffering from heart disease who cannot engage in this routine. The Mayo Clinic agrees that an individual with any cardiac condition can benefit from at least fifteen minutes in the hot tub as it will have the same impact as any workout.

4. Weight Loss

The heat from the hot tub and buoyancy of water typically simulates the same effect as an aerobics workout – think about water aerobics. One benefit of this is that it encourages weight loss with studies showing an average loss of three pounds for thirty minutes per day for one week. The thing is the weight loss aspect can be more beneficial as it will reduce the chance of severe conditions triggered by weight gain; for example, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. In fact, weight loss can also reduce depression, anxiety and increased levels of stress.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, the hot tub is a useful item to retreat from the stressors of the day; however, it can also have many health benefits. By using the information above you can easily see how important it is to enjoy your hot tub on a regular basis.

For your reference, here is a link to the article written by the Arthritis Foundation,